TMS004 Your Net Worth Statement

In this episode of The Money Shot, our host, Damien Fogg tells us all about Net Worth Statements. What are they? Why should we do them? How do we do them?

Stop asking questions and I’m sure he’ll tell us. Tune in and learn some things about money, then go use what you’ve learned and reap the rewards (or not) of your consistent intelligent efforts (or not).

In This Episode

  • What does a net worth statement mean?

  • The 4 “Mates” of net worth

  • We have to leave the country, what can you sell?

  • Positive Vs. Negative net worth

  • Using the information and the levels of attack

  • The fifth and final element of Net Worth

“What are you worth today?”

“What gets measured gets managed”

“Whatever brings in money to your accounts each month, that’s your incomings”

“List them all out, anything that you can think of that is worth something”

“The idea is obviously to have a positive net worth”

“Once you’ve done it the first time, it gets much easier”

“Life isn’t sunshine and rainbows, you don’t get all of the fun stuff”

“Just trying to be the richest person you know is never a good idea”