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Money Masterclass

Master your own personal finance and investing

You’re old, surrounded by your family and they’re asking you;


“What was it like back in the olden days? You know, when you used to be a poor.”


You roll your eyes, tell them you’re going to leave your entire fortune to a bat research facility and order the butler to escort them out.



OK, so I’m not very good at painting useful / motivational mental images, but I can at least show you how to build generational wealth.


The kind of money that means your kids and grandkids and great grandkids never have to worry about money.

If you’ve made it here, then you’re probably doing quite well financially. 

You’re bringing in more than you’re spending, and you’ve got yourself a little nest egg… “just in case”. 

But now you’re looking at the money that comes in each month and wondering what in the fudgicle stick you should do with it. 


Buy to Let Property? That seems like a sensible thing.


Crypto? You’ve heard of that and know people have made millions from it. 


Stock market? You kind of get it, but not really if you’re being honest. 


Well, the unfortunate news is… you’re on your own. Nobody cares about you getting rich more than you do. 


Sure you could go to a financial advisor, but they are only allowed to talk to you about certain regulated products. 

You could ask your rich friends, but unless they are in exactly the same situation as you, that’s no help. 

They might be willing to take more risks than you. Or for them throwing £10k into Bitcoin doesn’t matter because they have £500k in property. 


We’re all different. So what can you do? 

Let me show you your options


So what’s covered in the Masterclass…


Personal Finances – how to manage them like you’ve got a cheat code


Property Investing – Should you? How? Why? Where? What?


Stock Market – Why do rich people invest in this, and how do they pick the winners?


Bonds / Commodities / Alternatives – What even are they? Why would you want them?


Cryptocurrency – Bitcoin = mental, right? Is there a sensible way to invest?


Portfolio Management – Simple steps you can take to increase your long-term returns



I will not be telling you exactly what to invest your money in. Instead, I’ll be teaching you about the options you have of where to invest your money. 


And I’ll be showing you how to come up with your own strategies. 


The goal is to turn you into your own financial advisor, not spoon feed you! 

Something about fish, fishing, lifetime, etc.  

So how does it work?

Sign up below and you’ll get instant access to all the videos to watch at your own pace. 


Already have your personal finance in order? Skip straight to the asset class that interests you most. 


You can see exactly how I go about researching and selecting assets that work for me. You’re here to learn the process, so you can do your own research. 


There is homework at the end of each section so you come away with a very clear action plan of what is right for you. 

But wait... who are you?

If you’ve no idea who I am.

I don’t know how you got here and I can only apologise for what you’ve had to deal with. 

The quick run down of me and my experience so far…

  • Qualified Financial Advisor
  • Chartered Building Surveyor
  • Trading for over 20 years
  • Crypto investor since 2015
  • £2.3bn worth of property transactions
  • “Retired” aged 32 after 12 years of investing 
  • Can probably squat more than you

And I used to be a snowboard instructor… so, you know, that’ll help. Probably. 

Sold! How much?

£995 if you pay up front


£249 per month for 6 months

Wait, was I meant to drag that part out longer?


Fine, let’s justify the price. 




Not enough? FINE! 


The average cost of talking to a financial advisor for a very simple ISA investment is below.

£600 to talk to a financial advisor about your ISA.


No mention of property. Or cryptocurrency. Or alternative investments. Or even just managing your day to day personal finances. 


Most financial advisors when discussing your ISA will choose the same 4 or 5 funds to put you in. Those are the ones everyone has heard of, and if they do really badly… well who cares? If you talk to anyone else in the industry, they were all in the same funds, so everyone did badly. 


As a financial advisor, your goal is to be average. Not to outperform. 


Screw that!

Cool, so you’ll make me rich, right?!

Cool ya jets there, sparky!

I’m not going to do anything. I’m going to show you the options and talk you through the pros and cons of them. 

You’re the one that is going to decide what to do.

But my goal, and track record, is that people generally “generate” 10x what they invest in working with me. 

That might be;

Saving in Financial Advisor fees


Saving on personal expenses


Generating more money


Getting started investing


Getting a better rate of return


However you wrap it up, the content of the Masterclass is capable of saving you thousands each year, and helping you generate hundreds of thousands over the next few decades. 


On one condition. 


You actually apply it!

What’s the bonus?


There’s always a bonus! 



The bonus is…


If you sign up, do a module and hate it, you’ll get a full refund of your money back. 


Why am I going to make you do a module first? Because.


If you sign up for things and then change your mind, you deserve to be taxed for your stupidity.


FINE. One more bonus. 


I’ve included a bonus video section that, if you apply the lesson in there, are capable of producing up to £1,000 in additional revenue.


You’ve got to do some work, but for anyone, there’s £1,000 available by signing up for this Masterclass. 


Which, given it costs £1,000…. ANYTHING else you do with it is just a bonus!


So the main bonus is… the entire Masterclass is the bonus!



Go on then, sign me up!

One more time for the people sat at the back of the room…

While yes, I am qualified as a financial advisor




I will not be giving you personal recommendations and I will not be intermediating business (a weird way of saying I won’t be telling you exactly where to invest). 


My goal is to show you how to do your own research and to understand the concepts of investing. 


I know you “just want me to do it for you”. But that’s not going to happen. I’m sorry.