TMS019 Getting Value From Purchases

Getting value from your purchases. That’s the philosophy behind today’s episode. What does that mean in terms of content? Damien is going to tell us how he spends his money! From food and shelter to all of the stupid things we buy, all of it has a value attached, and depending on where you are in the world, that can differ dramatically.

In This Episode

  • The Basics (Food, Shelter, etc.)
  • Spending big money on cars
  • Finding alternatives for your spending
  • Is hiring a cleaner worthwhile?

“It’s all about attributing worth and value to what it is you’re spending money on”

“We have a huge desire to show off to other people”

“What am I spending my money on? Is it really worth it? Are there alternatives out there?”

“Make sure you’re strong value out of what you’re spending your money on”

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