TMS018 Robo Investment Funds

Robo Funds are today’s topic of interest, and Damien can assure you that it does not mean Robocop manages your money. What it does mean is a cheaper, more automated way to invest online. Find out more by tuning in!

In This Episode

  • What are Robo Funds?
  • The pros and cons of setting one up
  • How do they differ from working with an advisors
  • Is this a good place to get started?

“The biggest part for them to figure out is what your attitude to risk is”

“There are a whole bunch of difference assets out there”

“They do what good financial advisors have been doing for f***ing years”

“You’re putting a lot of faith and trust into the company that’s backing that ETF”

“There’s an awful lot of security that comes from having the biggest people out there looking after your money”

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