TMS015 Preparing For a Mortgage

Welcome back to The Money Shot Podcast! Damien is talking all about mortgage preparation in this episode. It’s actually not as boring as it sounds, in spite of what he’d tell you. He covers a lot of ground in a short period of time on this one, and points out some of the strange quirks of the credit game.

In This Episode

  • Addressing any issues with your address
  • A special note for entrepreneurs
  • Business expenses and their impact on a mortgage
  • A few ways to better your chances at getting a mortgage, or a better rate on one
  • Do you need a broker?

“Make sure you register wherever you move to”

“The more consistent you can be with your income, the better”

“It’s all just about planning further ahead”

“If it looks like you can’t afford life without using credit cards and loans, that’s a bit of an issue for them”

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