TMS012 The Money Shot Book Launch

In this episode of The Money Shot Podcast, Damien tells us about his book launch, and the business model he uses for the EP Investor. He also says a quick hello to the future, and makes his producer quite happy. Lots of behind the scenes information in this one, so take notes!

In This Episode

  • The motivation behind writing the book

  • The fundamental principles of personal finance

  • Asset classes: what they are and the types you can invest in

  • The Breakdown of Damien’s business model for the EP Investor

“Instead of having the same conversations over and over again, I decided that it’d make more sense to get it out of my head and stick it in a book”

“Too many people I think are enjoying the now to the detriment of their future”

“If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is”

“If you want to give me your cold hard cash, I want to massively over deliver on the value you get back from it”

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