TMS010 Insurances

Damien Fogg, our beloved host covers Insurance in this episode of The Money Shot podcast. He takes a dull topic, and turns it… well… a little less dull! It’s important, so suck it up and listen in. He covers the types of insurance you need to look into, what they actually do, and who they’re good for.

In This Episode

  • Who would want to have insurance put in place?

  • The major areas of insurance, what they do, and what impacts the cost of each

  • What to do if you can’t afford insurance

“Insurance isn’t fun.”

“If the worst does happen, you’ve got some protection”

“These are the sort of conversations and these are the sort of reviews you need to do with your finances”

“If you’re ever feeling a bit too happy, just start researching critical illness cover. That’ll bring you back down”

“If you die, are there any debts that any dependents you have are going to struggle to deal with?”

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