TMS009 The Most Straight Forward Property Investment Strategy Ever

In this episode of The Money Shot Podcast, Damien takes us through property investing, and the main strategies you could follow as an investor. He debunks a myth or 2, and maps out a really cool way to make property work for you.

In This Episode

  • The main ways to invest in property, and their variations.

  • 7 simple steps to renting single unit properties as an investment strategy

  • The strategy that Damien personally follows

  • The downsides and upsides of this particular strategy

  • How ridiculous could your income get in 45 years following this strategy?

“For property, inflation is actually a good thing for you”

“You’ve not had to pick the right stock markets, you’ve not had to worry about being in the right sectors at the right times”

“I’ve yet to find a more simple and straightforward process to go through”

“You’ve got to be in a position to be able to cover the cost if one tenant decides not to pay”

“Property is not a get rich quick scheme”

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