TMS008 Bonds

Today on The Money Shot Podcast, Damien talks about Bonds. He talks about what they are, why they’re good and the history of them, but then goes into the more important topics like how they work, why you may want to have them in a portfolio, and how to go about looking into them.

In This Episode

  • What are Bonds, Who issues them, and how they work

  • Fixed Rate Securities and an example.

  • How do you buy bonds?

  • Why do people even bother issuing bonds?

  • “The exciting world of Quantitative Easing

  • How do you determine which to buy?

“A bond, in it’s simplest term, is just an I Owe You.”

“The biggest thing affecting bond prices are interest rates around the world.”

“Bonds represent the lower risk, lower volatility element of my portfolio”

“Bonds have been around since the 1600’s, so they’re not going anywhere”

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