TMS007 Getting Started With Investing

In this episode, Damien Fogg gives us a look into why, and how to get started with investing. From setting up your first account, to owning a chunk of the economy and calling yourself an investor, Damien talks us through those initial stumbling blocks, and how to get beyond them and into an exciting new financial world.

In This Episode

  • The first step in getting started and signing up to a broker account

  • Does it make sense to invest into multiple funds?

  • Tracker funds. What they’re called, what they do, and why you should bother.

  • What happens next?

“Final salary pensions don’t really exist anymore, so you’ve got to sort it all out yourself”

“It’s pretty important to actually invest”

“Over the long run, the UK stock market will make you incrementally richer each year”

“Get someone to help you figure out what you can do, what you should do, and what’s going to be right for you”

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