Baller? Let's help you stay there

Do you own a library that smells of rich mahogany? Do you own many leather-bound books too?

If you're running a pretty decent sized surplus each month (£500+ a month), or have a lump sum of £15k+ to invest, then you're in this category.

You might be significantly above this. I've got clients with millions to invest, but the info for someone with £5m isn't that different than for someone with £50k.

At this stage you should already know what your Net Worth is. You've got a surplus each month that you're looking to invest, but you want to know exactly what's right for you. You could pay a financial advisor a fee for their advice, or you could learn how to manage your finances yourself. Probably better than they could anyway.

If you want to have a personalised and sense checked asset allocation, if you want to know how to research the specific funds you are interested in, and how to rebalance your portfolio, the Money Masterclass is for you.

12 weeks of weekly learning, questions, answers, accountability, hand holding, ass kicking, abuse and love. You'll end up knowing exactly what's right for you and how to start implementing your strategy.

I work with a very select few people 1-2-1. I've got to really like you, be sure I can help you, and most importantly give you a good return on your investment. This is by application only, but is completely bespoke to your goals and helping you achieve them.

If you want my complete focus for 3 months, helping you develop an investment strategy, asset allocations, and practically implementing this strategy within that 3 months, then this is for you.

12 weeks of fortnightly calls with follow up tasks for you. I'm on hand via email and WhatsApp throughout to help you figure out what's right for you and how to get started with it.

What would you do with £500?

People are often confused how and where to get started with investing, so we've pulled together a possible starting point for someone with up to £500 per month to start investing

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