Just balancing your income and expenses? Let's improve that.

You're now living life with a surplus income each month, or have a lump sum of £5k+.

You've got yourself a little emergency fund stashed away so you aren't stressing out about money, but you are starting to stress a little about what you should do with your money to make it grow.

At this stage you should already know what your Net Worth is. You've got a surplus each month that you're looking to invest, but you want to know exactly what's right for you. You could pay a financial advisor a fee for their advice, or you could learn how to manage your finances yourself. Probably better than they could anyway.

If you want to have a personalised and sense checked asset allocation, if you want to know how to research the specific funds you are interested in, and how to rebalance your portfolio, the Money Masterclass is for you.

12 weeks of weekly learning, questions, answers, accountability, hand holding, ass kicking, abuse and love. You'll end up knowing exactly what's right for you and how to start implementing your strategy.

You’ll have the knowledge and confidence to actually manage your own finances.

How much better would you feel knowing you were in complete control of your incomings and outgoings every month?

Knowing you could talk to financial professionals on their level and discuss the pro's and con's of various asset classes.

Having a long term plan that is specific to you and that you've picked, so that you can actually achieve what you want in the future.

It’s all possible with Make Money Your B*tch

What would you do with £500?

People are often confused how and where to get started with investing, so we've pulled together a possible starting point for someone with up to £500 per month to start investing

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