What does a £1 million business really look like?

The Reality Of A 7 figure Business If you’re turning over £1 million a year as a business, then you’re in a pretty small club of successful businesses. High-five you! You’re kind of a big deal. Nobody can turn over that much money, for a sustained period of time, without offering a great product or […]

What is an IPO and how do they work?

What Is An IPO (Initial Public Offering) and How Do They Work? Keeping things ridiculously simple, an IPO is the start of a company’s life in the big wide world. Pre-IPO the company was owned by a small selection of people who set up the company. An IPO opens up the company to any of […]

Simple Self-Employed Steps to Securing Some Spondolicks

Financial Priorities – i.e. removing your head from where the sun don’t shine Nobody likes dealing with a naff situation. Nobody likes dealing with a boring situation either. So imagine how few people like dealing with naff, boring situations?! Welcome to the wonderful world of personal finance!  To be fair, everything else you do in […]

How To Start A Pension And Save For Your Future As A Freelancer

As if you don’t already have enough on your plate; writing work proposals, finishing the latest piece of work for that one demanding client, updating your website, getting some head shots done and trying to hide the fact you’re screaming on the inside.​ Now you’re meant to think about how you’ll pay for food and […]