How To Budget & Reduce Expenses

How to Budget Like a Boss Budgeting is boring. And restrictive. And stops you from doing all the fun stuff you want to do, in the hope you live long enough to have a depressingly shit retirement.  Right? Or, option 2… it gives you the freedom to not have to worry about whether you can […]

Pay Off Debt or Save?

Should I Pay Off My Debt or Start Saving? In an ideal world, we’d have no debt and a ton of savings. But if life isn’t all sunshine and rainbows, then you might find yourself with some debt. In which case, the question I often get is – Is it worth having any savings if […]

Should I swap savings accounts for the best interest rate?

It’s kind of an understood thing that savings rates don’t really pay much. But is it worthwhile swapping saving rates / accounts regularly to get the best possible rate? Let’s have a look and see. Should I bounce from Account to Account? Technically speaking, yes. It’s always better to get paid interest by the banks, […]

What Are ISAs and Which Do I Want?

Choosing An ISA  What you decide to invest in is entirely up to you, and what’s right for you will be different for each person. That being said, here is a brief overview of different types of ISA’s!  Cash ISA WHAT This is just a savings account. You put in money (up to £20,000 per […]