A 10 Year Retirement Plan

Want to retire in 10-years? Here’s the plan There’s a big thing going on at the moment called F.I.R.E. Financial Independence Retire Early. For a lot of people that translates as wanting to retire in 10 years.  But it has different connotations for different people, so I thought I’d explain what it means to me […]

How Much Money Do You Need To Save In Order To Retire

HOW MUCH MONEY DO YOU NEED TO SAVE IN ORDER TO RETIRE? Obviously this depends on a whole heap of different things, but, it’s pretty simple to calculate for yourself.You all did that thing where you work out what your costs are, right? And you did a Bare Minimum, Good Life, Great Life version too […]

How To Start A Pension And Save For Your Future As A Freelancer

As if you don’t already have enough on your plate; writing work proposals, finishing the latest piece of work for that one demanding client, updating your website, getting some head shots done and trying to hide the fact you’re screaming on the inside.​ Now you’re meant to think about how you’ll pay for food and […]