Why Invest in Commodities

Why Invest in Commodities like Oil, Gold, Silver, etc. You can invest in commodities such as oil, gold, silver, copper, platinum, pork belly, orange juice, coffee. But why would you? There are different types of commodities; hard and soft. Hard commodities are natural resources while soft commodities are agricultural products.  From an investing perspective, most […]

Should I Invest in Funds or Shares?

Should I Invest in Funds or Shares? When we invest, we want the best return possible. And people are often curious whether they should invest in funds or in specific shares of companies. There’s a follow up question then of whether to invest in funds as Investment Trusts, funds or ETF’s as well – but […]

How to Invest for Children

How to Invest for Children Congrats, you’ve reproduced! Or, as is the case with me – I know people that have reproduced and who for some reason have decided to make me a Godparent.  Either way, congrats! Not only have you got to try and keep another human alive, but if that wasn’t enough to […]

11 Things You Need to be a Successful Trader

Successful Trading Tips  A lot of people like the idea of day trading. They have the vision of sitting on a laptop on a beach, or in front of a rank of monitors showing pretty graphs – and somehow deciphering all that to make thousands per day.  The reality is the vast majority of retail […]

Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid Of Investing In The Stock Market

Should I Invest in the Stock Market? This question, if I’m being honest, doesn’t come up that often for me. Most of the people I chat to are already on board with the risks involved with investing and are comfortable with the risk to reward ratio.  But it is sometimes a question or an attitude […]

How To Get Started Investing In Property

Want to get started investing in property? A lot of people want to invest in property. You know it’s a sensible thing to do over the long term, the returns are good, it will keep you fed when you retire, and it’s relatively passive – you can do this alongside a full time job… but […]

Why you should not be in the stock market

Should I Buy Shares in X Company? People often want to get my view on whether or not X, Y or Z company is a good one to buy into, and whether or not they should buy shares in them.  We’ve all heard the story from someone who bought shares in Apple or Facebook, etc. […]

What I Wish I Knew When I Was Younger

What I’d teach my 18-year-old self if I could time travel I want to cover exactly what I’d do if I was starting out all over again, having learnt what I have over the years. How I’d improve my financial position and how I’d get myself into the position of being able to invest and […]