How To Budget & Reduce Expenses

How to Budget Like a Boss Budgeting is boring. And restrictive. And stops you from doing all the fun stuff you want to do, in the hope you live long enough to have a depressingly shit retirement.  Right? Or, option 2… it gives you the freedom to not have to worry about whether you can […]

How I’d Live On A Tight Budget

The Cheapest Way for Me to Live What if we didn’t work jobs we hated to buy things we don’t need to impress people we don’t like? What if instead, we spent next to nothing and worked much much less? Well, I’m going to explore what the minimum amount I could spend if I really […]

How To Be Forever Broke Starter Pack

How and why people stay broke  So the way I decide on my blogs is usually to find questions that keep coming up in conversations I have with people. Sometimes it’s by observing behaviour over and over again. Otherwise, I’m just feeling like a bit of a troll.  Today I’m going to be looking at […]

Don’t Be A Poor

Being a poor is bad, so in this blog I’m going to give 3 ways not to be one of those; I’m going to tell you whether to earn more or spend less, how not to be a cheapskate, and tell you to Get. The. Frig. Started.  The first step to not being a poor […]