The Money Shot

Confused, intimidated or just put off by the thought of taking control of your personal finances and investing?
Know that you should probably put some effort into it now, but don't know where to start or how to go about it?
Then this book was written just for you!
You'll learn the basics of managing your finances without being bored to tears in the process. 
You'll find out about the asset classes you can invest in, and whether they are right for you. 
But most importantly, you'll have the confidence to start taking action of kicking your money into shape and planning for your future!

Bespoke Consulting

Want to skip all the fluff and just figure out what you should do? Well then this is the one for you. 
It's more expensive, but it's one to one time with me to look at exactly where you are, exactly where you want to get to, and what's the smartest way to do it without losing an eye or your life savings. 
Over the course of 3 months we'll map out the next few years worth of investing for you so you know exactly what to do with any money that comes in. 
These spots are very limited, and also restricted to people that I like hanging out with. 
That's why it's by application only - not to be a dick, but to figure out if we'll work well together and if you'll get maximum benefit (and will I have fun helping you?) 

Make Money Your Bitch

Does your financial future fill you with dread, leave you continually overwhelmed by the thousands of options to grow your money?
All in the hope you can avoid the 9-5 or being tied to your laptop for the rest of your life?

If like most people the answer is YES, did you know you can secure your financial future, even if you are in debt, wasting money and have no idea what to do...?
I’ve got the perfect answer for you, it’s called Make Money Your Bitch

21 Days To Dominate Your Finances

Want To Take All The Fear Out Of Your Personal Finance In Only 21 Days?

One simple action step you can take every day that will see you controlling your money like an absolute boss.

No fear, no overwhelm. Just easy actionable advice you can put into action immediately.

Fogg Financial

What do you get when you cross a finance geek, with a property nerd? Only the best ever mortgage adviser in the world, ever!

Need a mortgage to buy your home? 
Need to refinance your current property?
Want to start building an investment portfolio?
Want to protect yourself financially against illness or death?

If any of these sound like you, check out the (slightly) more professional side of me over at Fogg Financial. 

Who the f*ck am I?

Ahoy, I’m Chief Investor here at The EP Investor and Chief….. Fogg (?) over at Fogg Financial.

My goal is to help Entrepreneurs and successful Professionals like you invest sensibly for the future. This site contains information about how to take control of your finances, and how to get started investing. I don't over complicate shit, I swear too much, but I'll give you the confidence to get started and make decisions that will help secure your future.  

I’ll share stories from my own investing; the good, the bad and the incredibly ugly.

If you have a question, ask. You can email me on or join the free Facebook Group here. 

Yep, that’s really my email and I’ll personally reply to anyone who doesn’t take the piss too much.

Questions? Get in touch - Ask about finances, investment, my favourite colour (blue), how I like to spend an evening (Netflix and chill) or tell me your hopes and dreams...