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Become a Master of Your Finances and Investments

There are two types of people out there (and there’s a little of both in each of us). 

Those who are looking to make millions, and those who are looking for a better lifestyle. 

Once you’re earning enough to live the life you want, you can choose to stop growing at that point. You can make the conscious decision to work less and keep earning enough to live your good life. 

Travel, eat out, drive a nice car, buy nice things, treat friends and family, experience the best of life.

You’re now a hostage to working for the rest of your life. 

If you’re more in the ‘take over the world’ camp. You’ve probably been told to keep reinvesting all of your money into your business to grow bigger, faster, stronger. 

But what if one day something catastrophic happens?

A global pandemic, an algorithm change, a social media account deleted, a free version of your product. 

You’re now only one bad luck event away from starting from scratch. 

Jon B
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I've avoided tackling my finances for a long long time. Mainly out of fear and not knowing where to start. This Masterclass has changed all that and my only regret is that I didn't do something like this sooner.

Let me show you another option

The goal is to have money work for you, not you work for money.

Wouldn’t the ideal scenario be that you get to CHOOSE to work?

Cherry pick the best clients to work with, the best projects to be a part of, or just decide the weather is nice and take the month off.

When you are a master of your own money, that’s what you get. Freedom to choose. 

You have a legion of employees called $dollars and £pounds all busy working for you, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • There might be tenants paying to live in one of your properties.
  • There might be a business paying to work out of your building.
  • There could be a company making cereal bars paying you a portion of their profits.
  • There could be a 19 year old who just invented something nobody understands with computer code that somehow means you’ve got more money (lol at crypto).

Whether you lift a finger or not, you still earn enough money to pay all of your bills and live a fun life.


That’s the dream for a lot of entrepreneurs. It certainly was my goal anyway.

And at 32 I managed to hit that goal. I had built up a portfolio of properties that I rented out, and a stock portfolio that paid me dividends each year. Between them, I could afford to live a life I was quite comfortable with. If I choose it, I never had to work another day.

Sure, I was lucky with my investments and timings. But after spending years as a financial advisor, and a chartered surveyor, and a day trader, I worked hard and saved and invested my way to retiring early.

I still work because I love what I do.

And what I do, is help others achieve the same level of freedom and choice in their life.

Laura M
Amazon Marketer
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The Masterclass gave me clarity in terms of understanding what my financial situation is and what I need to do to improve it (kinda scary but necessary); confidence to start making investments; and regaining control over my finances as I now have an action plan.

But wait, what if I...

I’ve worked with a lot of entrepreneurs now and am starting to get a feel for the main concerns when getting started with taking control of their own finances and investing. 

You don’t hate numbers and spreadsheets, you’ve just not been taught how useful they are and not been given a good enough template to use in the past. 

You probably didn’t invest before, you gambled on a punt someone told you about and lost money. That’s not investing. Nobody gets it right every time, it’s a process and something that works out in the long-run. Stick with it and you can tip the scales in your favour. 


This is going to take you years. Maybe decades. There is nothing quick about this. I can help shave years off the “traditional” way of investing, but this is definitely not quick!


It’s not too expensive, you just don’t care about the problem enough. Which is fine. I even show you how to cover the entire cost of the course with one of the bonus videos, so money doesn’t have anything to do with this decision. 


I’ll take a maximum of 12 hours of your life with all this. Then I’ll show you how to manage it all in less than an hour per month. It really isn’t all that complicated. 


Well, tell me what you need help with and I’ll help you. Or hire me as a consultant and we’ll figure it out together. 


There are some fantastic YouTubers out there. I’m a big fan of some of them. But there are so many useless people with no real world experience who are spouting utter non-sense that will end up costing you a fortune. Do you really know which is which? I’m taking the information out there that you could easily get for free and telling you exactly what part is worthwhile listening to. 


Good for you. Ask them about cryptocurrency and property and exactly why they have recommended the investments they’ve put you in. 9 times out of 10 they can’t answer you with a good enough answer. Also check their performance against the FTSE 100 or the S&P500. Could you have done just as good a job without paying their fee? 

Grow up. This is your financial future. You need to be in control of it. You can’t rely on someone else to do it for you. Even if you portion up the responsibility, it’s important you know how all these things work. Whoever deals with it may not always be around to do it for you. 

So what's covered in the Masterclass then?

Module 1: Personal Finances – How to manage them like you’ve got a cheat code

Module 2: Property Investing – Should you? How? Why? Where? What?

Module 3: Stock Market – Why do rich people invest in this, and how do they pick the winners?

Module 4: Bonds / Commodities – Where do they fit in your portfolio, and what is the point? 

Module 5: Alternative Investments – What even are they? Why would you want them?

Module 6: Portfolio Management – Simple steps you can take to increase your long-term returns

Module 7: Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin) – Crazy talk, right? But is there a sensible way to invest?

Module 8: Investing for Mini People – For anyone with a child to consider, this module shows you simple ways to invest for their future



I will NOT be telling you where to invest your money. Instead, I’ll be teaching you about your options, and how you can decide for yourself where to invest your money. 


I’ll be showing you how to come up with your own strategies. 


The goal is to turn you into your own financial advisor, not spoon feed you! 

Something about fish, fishing, lifetime, etc.  

Chris M
Web Dev
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What I loved was having Damien introduce the topic, break it down so we can understand and digest the ins and outs, and then having Damien give real examples of how what we’ve just learned would work in application

But wait... who are you?

The quick run down of my relevant experience so far…

  • Qualified Financial Advisor
  • Chartered Building Surveyor
  • Trading for over 20 years
  • Crypto investor since 2015
  • £2.3bn worth of property transactions
  • “Retired” aged 32 after 12 years of investing 

The non-financial stuff about me…

  • CrossFit w**ker
  • YouTube rabbit hole explorer
  • Travel bore
  • Winter sun aficionado
  • Backpack lover
  • Unnecessary tech buyer

So how does it work?

You decide where you are and what help you need. Pick the module(s) that are going to help you the most, and sign up. You’ll get instant access to all the videos to watch at your own pace and implement when works best for you. 

Each Module stands on it’s own. You’ll get to see exactly how I go about managing my finances and researching my investments, and you’ll see how I filter out investments to choose the exact fund, crypto, bond, wine to suit me. 

There is homework at the end of each section so you should come away with a very clear action plan of what is right for you. 

Jack G
Online Trainer
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3 benefits I got from the Masterclass were; Better planning and understanding of investment types, Deeper knowledge of how to test the funds performance so we're not investing in a dud, Better understanding of the volatility of investment types.

Sold! How much?

I could spend ages trying to justify it, but given the equivalent cost of spending this long with a financial advisor or financial planner would set you back over £5,000.

And they wouldn’t be able (or allowed) to talk about property investing or crypto investing, then I think it wouldn’t be crazy talk to charge £5,000 for this entire course. 

But, instead. £750 if you want it all right now or from £50 per Module. 

No long, drawn out step by step justification. My results and testimonials speak for themselves.

FINE. Have a bonus as well then. 


I’ve included a bonus video section that, if you apply the lessons in the module, will produce between £500 and £1,000.


Guaranteed and with no risk. I know it sounds sketchy, but I’ve done it myself and it’s legit. You’ve got to do some work, so I guess that’s the downside. 


But given the entire Masterclass costs £750… it seems like a pretty good bonus.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you aren’t happy with the course after watching the first video, then get in touch and we’ll give you a full refund. 

No skin off my nose. I’d rather you were happy than I had £50 off you. 

Get them all then!

The module titles give you a pretty good idea what they cover. If you aren’t already making a surplus each month, then start with Module 1. 

Once you’re past that, then just select the asset class you’re most interested in. 

Yes. I’ve helped people who get angry when they have to do maths and look at their own finances. 

I am pretty good at breaking things down and explaining them in a pretty simple way. 

This stuff really isn’t that complicated. It’s just made to sound it to keep you afraid and paying someone else to do it. 

One more time for the people sat at the back of the room…

While yes, I am qualified as a financial advisor




I will not be giving you personal recommendations and I will not be intermediating business (a weird way of saying I won’t be telling you exactly where to invest). 


My goal is to show you how to do your own research and to understand the concepts of investing. 


I know you “just want me to do it for you”. But that’s not going to happen. I’m sorry.