Does your financial future fill you with dread?

 Does it leave you continually overwhelmed by the thousands of options to grow your money?

All in the hope you can avoid the 9-5 or being tied to your laptop for the rest of your life?

If like most people the answer is YES, did you know you can secure your financial future,
even if you are in debt,  wasting money and have no idea what to do...?
I’ve got the perfect answer for you,
It’s called

Why Do You Need MMYB?

Imagine the situation, you've come to the end of the month.

You're looking through your accounts. You've worked hard.

You could have sworn you saved extra, but you find yourself with hardly anything to invest, or maybe a few hundred pounds at most. 

And you think to yourself, 'Screw it, I can't do anything with that.'

There's too much month for your money. 

And let's face it, in today's modern fast-paced society... we live for the now.

We don't plan for our futures. We don't save for a rainy day.

It's all too easy to pick up your phone, press the Amazon button and order yourself a treat on Prime, or some food on Deliveroo, or go out and spend what money you have left because you think to yourself,

'Fudge it, what's the point, I'm never going to be able to even have savings or have enough money for a house. There's no point saving £100. Someone like me just doesn't have enough money to be like the big boys in the investing world.' 

Sound familiar? 

It does to me, because I hear this every single day. 

But let me tell you, this is a problem that not only can be solved, but can be solved with the minimum amount of stress.

The problem is, well... let me tell you what the problem is.  

The Finance Industry

Let me explain, but first of all who am I to even give you advice on this kind of stuff?

I'm Damien Fogg, and I realised at a young age that the key to success was money.

Why? Because money makes the world go around. 

It doesn't matter what you think, the reality is, money is useful. 

It allows you to live safely, feed yourself and loved ones, and occasionally actually enjoy life. 

Cos let's face it, we're only here for a short-time, and unless you're counting on that reincarnation thing, you've only got the one shot at it. 

As I mentioned just above, the biggest problem I see with guaranteeing the safety of your family for the future, is the financial industry itself.

Not only do you end up relying on the recommendations of - let's be honest, boring and probably broke financial advisers, that recommend the same handful of investments they have available to them.

But you inevitably leave the meeting none the wiser, so you end up on one of the Money websites - looking for how can you save more money, how can you make an extra grand per month, how can you get a mortgage.

Give it 10 minutes and your head is spinning. You're bamboozled with blogs and articles and products.

It's overwhelming.

The industry is seemingly designed to keep you helpless and stuck where you are right now.

Constantly in fear, worrying 'What if?'

What if I lose my job?
What if I don't get any new clients this month?
What if my partner leaves me and I don't have that extra income?
What if I can't work?

It's the 'What If's' and the confusion that's led me to create this video course

And here's the rub... 

The people that can actually help you - IF you find a good one, and IF you find someone you actually like - charge hundreds if not thousands for their advice.

And honestly, if they're good, so they should! Just like I used to back in the day.

But I've realised there's a problem with that.

For those people with maybe a few hundred or a few thousand to invest, to actually turn that into tens of thousands and hundreds of thousands, maybe even millions given enough time...

The problem is, the money you have to invest...


Because they've taken it from you for their advice. Doh.

I realised that there's a need to be able to break down the financial industry into simple instructions.

AKA - these are the things you can invest in, here's how you invest in them, here's the risks involved, here's what to look out for.

At a price that was fair and reasonable, and in a way that doesn't overwhelm you.

Because let's face it, you're already massively overwhelmed by options, and you just want someone who can aggressively and cheekily lovingly hold your hand and walk you through the process.

But without costing the earth, and costing you the funds you already have which could be much better put to use making you wealthy.

That's why I came up with this course - Make Money Your B*tch.

And before you roll your eyes and think - 'who is this tool?' - the reason I called it that? If you know what you're doing, your money does become your b*tch. It works for you, constantly.

How does the idea of going to sleep every night, knowing that pennies and pounds are accumulating while you sleep!

Because you took the action to learn what you needed to turn the money you had into a secure future. That's going to give you the safety net in your 40's, 50's, 60's +.

But also be able to enjoy the fruits of your labour. Being able to travel, treat your partner or kids maybe grand kids. It doesn't matter.


Financially Free And Know How To Manage And Invest Your Money

^ that right there, is what I want for you.

You’ll have the knowledge and confidence to actually manage your own finances. 

How much better would you feel knowing you were in complete control of your incomings and outgoings every month?

Knowing you could talk to financial professionals on their level and discuss the pro's and con's of various asset classes.

Having a long term plan that is specific to you and that you've picked, so that you can actually achieve what you want in the future.

It’s all possible with
Make Money Your B*tch 

When Can I Expect Results?

Can I get you some quick wins? Of course I can. 

I saved one client £275 per month by getting them to do one simple task. 

I helped another self-employed client earn an extra £750 per month with literally no extra effort.  

But when it comes to investing, quick wins ('Get Rich Quick' anybody?) generally lead to quick losses. 

Future you is someone that doesn't exist, and one of the hardest things you can do is look after future you. 

For anyone like me that's been on a weight loss or health kick at some point, as soon as we've laced up our trainers for the first time, or had that first 'healthy' meal, you think to yourself; 

'I really wish I'd done this sooner'

And it's exactly the same when it comes to your finances.

This isn't a sprint, it's more of an ultra marathon... unless you're really old already, in which case you probably shouldn't sprint at your age anyway! 

What is MMYB?

I chose the name because that’s what I want you to do.

I want you to control your money, invest it, grow it and never be afraid of money ever again after you take this course.

Make Money Your B*tch or MMYB is an online course that helps ordinary people master their finances once and for all by teaching all the skills that they will need step-by-step.

The point of this course is to give you the knowledge and confidence to actually manage your own finances.

So Who is Damien Fogg?

I’m an investor, entrepreneur, mortgage adviser, Chartered Surveyor, day trader, property developer, landlord, entrepreneur... and former financial adviser.


I grew up a little bit obsessed about money and finances. I was the kid reading the back fo the Sunday Times at the Appointments section to see what jobs paid the most.

But most importantly, I've managed my personal finances in a way that let me retire at 32. 

Over the period of about 12 years, I saved and invested, and got into the position where I never have to work another day if I don't want to. (Turns out doing nothing is boring though).

What are you going to get with MMYB?

The plan is simple...

Give you the knowledge and confidence to actually manage your own finances.

Once you are able to do that you’ll be able to systematically multiply your income, savings and investments.

So what are you going to learn in this video course?

Basic Principles

Without these, well, you're fudged. 

We'll breakdown the 5 things you NEED to know and do in order to stand any chance of securing your financial future. 

This section alone, if you stick to the principles, will make you many many times the amount of money you invest in this course.

Financial Principles

Now we're getting a bit more tactical. I run through examples of my own that show you exactly what to do and how, so you can identify where to focus and how to increase your investment pot. 

Need to earn more? There's an answer in here for you. 

Need to spend less? There's an answer in here for you.

Need a good comeback to the next person who gives you a 'tip' on an investment? Yep, in here. 

Asset Classes

A fancy way of listing out all of the things you can invest in. But explained, hopefully, in a way that won't send you to sleep, and will actually leave you knowing what the naff finance people are talking about. 

We cover everything from the Stock Market through to Crypto Currencies and Wine investments. 

Practical Investing

All very well knowing the theory, but now we look at the practical - step by step guide to researching and buying the assets you want to buy. 

This section will always be added to every time there's something else you can invest in. 

What Are Other People Saying About This?

Turns out listening to a guy from the internet does work occasionally

"I’ve just done my quarterly finances check and thought it only right to let you know it’s looking peachy.
I researched a load and bought into 3 that looked best by the parameters you set and one wildcard (no prizes for guessing which one that is). As of today they have performed as follows;
Fund 1. +21.82%
Fund 2.+18.86%
Fund 3.+11.63%
Fund 4.-0.35%
They’re doing far better than the individual shares I’ve previously bought and I don’t have to check on them daily to avoid missing out on spikes / going bankrupt!"

Richard Bridge, Essex

From what I've already done, I'm £265 per month better off

"Doing this made me really look at things. It's not so scary after all. My focus is to clear silly things off and get my savings back up.  

I had buried my head in the sand for ages, your friendly approach and the fact you made it less scary... you didn't make me feel overwhelmed at all. 

I still have more to implement, but from what I've already done I'm £265 per month better off. "

Lisa Wallace, Somewhere in Scotland

My Guarantee To You?

It’s simple:

If you implement everything in the course (and demonstrate you have) and don't save or make or invest enough to recoup the cost of the course…

You'll get your money back.


You want a bonus don't you?

Fine how about these?

  • Incoming and Outgoing spreadsheet
  • Net Worth sheets
  • Asset Allocation calculator
  • Rebalancing worksheet
  • Financial Goals calculator
  • A real unicorn*
  • A digital copy of my book

* this may or may not be a lie to try and convince you to sign up

Yeah Yeah, How Much?

Could you get this information from a financial adviser or the Internet? 

The Internet, yes, but you'll also find 87x the amount of information that is useless and bad advice. You sure you know the difference between good and bad advice?

With a Financial Adviser, it would probably take between 4 and 12 sessions, IF they were able to even talk to you about all of these assets... which is going to cost you between £2,000 and £12,000 - depending on who you go with. 

But a modest 4 figure sum to get these kind of results. 

I'm in a position where I've put this to work for both myself and hundreds of other people now. So I know this stuff works. 

All you have to do, is do the work. 

I could probably charge at least £1,000 for this course. But it's not what I want to do (or need to do). I want to put this information out there for a fair price. 

And when you consider the tens of thousands of hours I've spent learning all this, and literally the tens of millions I've made for my clients and myself over the years, that wouldn't be a bad price.

But I  want this information available to as many people as possible. That's why right now you can get the course and bonuses for only £195.

If that's too steep for you right now, that's cool. That's why I have my best selling book called The Money Shot. Pop on over to Amazon and pick that bad boy up. 

But if you're truly committed to taking the reins of your financial future firmly in hand, crushing the overwhelm that is in your mind about not knowing what to do (and end up doing nothing) and finally securing the safety of future you, then this course is for you. 


Sign up, don't sign up. It makes no odds to me. 

But I promise you, if you do sign up and put what you learn into practice, you'll save more money, earn more money, invest more money and with a bit of luck you'll retire richer than if you don't bother signing up. 

And with the guarantee in place, what have you got to lose? 


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

Damien, I don't have £195 right now

I have limited time , can I still do it?

I've only got a few hundred quid, should I bother?

If you're so successful, why charge at all?

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