The EPIC Mastermind

Picture this for me...

You're old as fuck, surrounded by your family and they're asking you;

"What was it like back in the olden days? You know, when you used to be a poor."

You roll your eyes, tell them you're going to leave your entire fortune to a bat research facility and order the butler to escort them out.

OK, so I'm not very good at painting useful / motivational mental images, but I can at least show you how to build generational wealth. The kind of money that means your kids and grandkids and great grandkids never have to worry about money.

Or, option 2, where you generate enough money to have all the fun of the fair while you try your hardest to get through it all before you shuffle off this spinning rock.

Either option is kinda cool.

Let's be honest, you're already doing pretty well. You've got a decent job or business and you're in the position that you could be saving money each month without it impacting on your lifestyle.

What you're probably now wondering is;

  • What should I do with my money each month?
  • Where should I save?
  • What can I invest in?
  • How do I know what to invest in?
  • Is investing even for me?
  • How do I actually do it, like what platform and which buttons do I push?
  • I read about.... is it bullshit or is it really a thing?
  • My mate said I should.... is that a good idea or is he mental?

Well, after the success of the first Mastermind Group I ran, I've decided to create a thing that is the answer to all your prayers... or an answer to some of your general financial musings - for those of you who don't pray about learning the difference between Accumulation Units in Open Ended Investment Companies versus Exchange Traded Funds.

Who is it for?

  • If you are at the stage you could be saving money each month but don't really know where to put it. This is for you.

  • If you have a lump sum of money that you know you shouldn't just spend, and are ready to invest, but aren't sure what is the best thing to do with it. This is for you.

  • If you really like the sound of my voice and want to ask me questions about finances and investing. This is for you.

  • If you want to create a solid investment plan for your future and know what you need to do and when. This is for you.
  • If you want to sense check any plans and investments you already have, to be as efficient and effective as possible. This is for you.

  • If you're not sure it's for you, you can click here and book a call to find out!

Who is this not for?

  • You don't have a pot to piss in, with no money to invest.
  • You're a smart arse that knows everything already.
  • You don't like group settings and can't handle the sound of my voice.
  • You have the patience of a sugar fuelled toddler and want instant millions.
  • You can't spare 1 - 2 hours each week for 12 weeks, or do the homework you get.
  • You're retired already.

Wha​​​​t is it?

A 12 week Mastermind Group of no more than 24 people (I'm obsessed with multiples of 12, hard to say why). Starting January 13th and finishing 3rd of April

Covering in depth the following topics;

Personal Finance Management

  • Income - How to get more of it & track it
    • Bonus video details something everyone can do and make up to £1,000 per month with minimal / no risk
  • Expenditure - How to track it, and if you're not in surplus yet - how to trim your spending. 
  • Assets - what do you have, and what are you doing with them
  • Liabilities - what do you have, and when can you get rid of it
    • How to remove debt 
  • Using debt to make money
    • Spreadsheet shown and provided
  • % Expenditure
    • How much to spend on the main expenses in life
    • How much should you be saving?
  • 10 year retirement plan
    • Spreadsheet provided

Property Investing

  • Various investment options; Direct v Indirect
  • If Indirect; options
  • If Direct; options
  • Walkthrough of how to find property
    • How to find an area
    • How to find comps
    • How to analyse the deal
    • What numbers to use
    • What spreadsheet to use 
    • What numbers to expect and not go under
    • Pros and Cons of Cashflow v Capital Appreciation
    • 3 Long term strategies

Stock Market

  • Why we invest in the stock market
  • Options of which markets to invest in and which to avoid
  • Investment types
  • How to get diversification 
  • What do the numbers mean;
    • Purchase price
    • Dividend yield
    • TER
    • Historic growth
    • AUM
  • How to filter and select the funds you want
  • What criteria to use for various fund types
  • Importance of 'something is better than nothing'
  • Trading - how to create strategies that make money without all the hype and bollocks

Bonds / Commodities / Alternatives

  • What are bonds and how do they fit into a portfolio
  • How we research bond funds
  • What we're looking for in a bond fund
  • Government v Corporate bonds
  • What are commodities and why you want them
  • What part do commodities REALLY play?
  • How to buy them 
  • Alternative investment types;
    • Land, cars, stamps, coins, comics, etc.
    • Wine, whiskey

Crypto Currency

  • What is Blockchain and what are crypto currencies
  • Why does it matter from an investing perspective
  • How to get exposure to it
  • The risks and volatility involved
  • Risk warning
  • Crypto trading strategies
  • Why you should bother having any investment in it
  • When to sell out / profit take
  • Which coins to bother with

Advanced Portfolio Management

  • Diversification 
    • What it really means
    • How to get real diversification
  • Asset Allocation
  • Investment Allocation 
  • Rebalancing
    • How often should you do it?
    • How do you do it?
    • Practical steps
    • What if you're using multiple accounts (ISA / SIPP / IA)
  • How to decide how much extra to put into accounts as your surplus grows
  • When to 'retire'
  • How to invest when you hit your Net worth target

We'll cover each topic over 2 weeks, with either a call or a training session. You'll learn everything you need to know to get from 'No Idea Ned' to 'Pretty Clued-up Polly', and if there's any gaps or any specific hurdles you're coming up against, you've got the chance to deep dive into the topic and get all your questions answered.

The idea is that at the end of each segment you know exactly what you could do, whether you should do it now, whether you should do it in the future, and how to actually go about doing it.

Onced you've finished the Mastermind, you will join the EPIC group for 2 months for free.

What do I need to do?

Attend as many of the sessions as possible. Everything will be recorded and posted in the Mastermind site in case you do miss any of them.

On each call pay some kind of attention. Join in with any discussions, participate and ask any questions... just generally make me feel less like I'm talking to a group of mute children with no fingers.

There will be homework assignments. But honestly, it's up to you if you do these or not. You'll get way more out of the programme if you do, but it's your future.

What is this going to cost me?

Sounds good so far and you're keen, or did you just skip to this part first? I usually do that. Skip to the cost, see if it's vaguely reasonable, and if it is I'll then read more about it.

KEEP IN MIND I generally charge £375 per hour for my consulting. So if you think this is going to be 12 sessions, anywhere from 1.5 - 2 hours, you'd need to pay me between £6,750 and £9,000. But it's a group thing, so totes obvs you'll not be paying this much.

The total investment for 12 weeks of accountability, training and your very own investment plan is £995 up front, or £395 per month.

I've tried to make this as accessible as possible for people who are in a position to be investing right now, but still make it worth my while to share over 15 years of investing experience that's helped make millions for myself and others over the years.

Will I get a good return on my investment?

My general aim is to give people a 1,000% ROI on anything they spend with me. Which means a 10x return, or in this case £10,000+.

Now as it's investing, this is an easy one to manipulate to magic up any number I want. But here is a vaguely accurate / conservative illustration of what this could mean for you.

Avoid financial advisor fees (because you now know more than they do) for the next 5 years - £5,000 saving
Actually get started investing and making a return on say £25,000 for 2 years - £3,500 extra earned
Get a better return because of what you know for the next 15 years - £7,500 extra earned
TOTAL - £16,000

This number will change depending on what you've got, how daft you currently are, what dodgy schemes you're currently investing in. So it could be significantly more than this.

For example, if I can help you get into a shitty low end investment property that makes you £200 a month, and grows by only half the average growth rate over the life of your ownership... that's going to be worth around £320,000.

Will you accept a 32,000% ROI as acceptable?

PS - if all this just went over your head, you probably should sign up cos it shouldn't have done.

Where do I sign up?

They tend to be the beginning of the year, the beginning of the financial year, and the tail end of the year. The next one is April 6th!

So it shouldn't ever be too long before you get to join in the fun.

What if it's shit?

It's not. Trust me. But if it isn't for you, you can let me know after the first session and I'll refund you in full.

I'd like to say no hard feelings, but that'd be a lie. I'll probably take it personally.

On the last intake a couple of people decided the format wasn't for them, but they enjoyed the content so much they signed up to become 1-2-1 clients instead. We all have our preferences of how we like to learn. So whatever works for you.

What if I have more questions?
Who am I, fucking Ask Jeeves?

I mean, ask away if you have any more questions. Having run this Mastermind before I'm 100% confident you'll get value from it and enjoy it.

Anything else?
Nah not really.

I tend to bring together a good group of people and help them learn and develop as proper full grown adults with investment portfolios and shit. It's kinda cool.

If you like my style, and want to start investing smarter, then this is a great option for you.