Picture this...

It's your kids 18th birthday. You've raised a good human so they aren't greedy or expecting the world from you. But you watch their face as they open the envelope you've just handed them.
Shock, confusion, amazement, excitement.
They are holding a cheque for £5,000.
Or is it £10,000
Or maybe it's £20,000 

Whatever the amount, it's enough for them to enter university without debt. Go travelling and explore the world. Put down as a deposit on a house.

A gift that anyone would be over the moon with, and I'm sure we would be if we were given it when we were 18 as well!

Hopefully, they'll use some of the money to start their own investing journey, with a huge leg up thanks to you!

Maybe, they'll be like me at 18, and shouldn't be trusted with a cheque for 5 figures, so instead you decide to keep the funds locked away until their 30th birthday.

Now it's time for them to buy their first home, and without it impacting on your own finances at all, you get to give them a deposit of;

What if you want to set them up for retirement? Hold onto your hats people...

At 65, your child could have a pension pot worth;

What would your life be like right now if you knew you had those kind of numbers sat behind you? How would your 18 year old self have handled that money?

How much easier would life have been when you wanted to get your first property, knowing you already had a decent deposit saved up?

How much more relaxed would you be about your future knowing you had a pension fund already into 6 figures without having to pay a penny into it yourself?

All because your parents took action early on in your life to help get you set up for life.

I'm going to show you all how to quickly and easily put everything in place to potentially get these kind of results for your child.

There are no guarantees with investments, and they can be worth less than you put in. But over the long term, you stand a much higher chance of getting returns far in excess of any savings account out there.

What Are Other People Saying About This?

It's a great place to start investing for your children's future

"It's a great place to start investing for your children's future. The same advice would cost a lot more with an IFA who would probably then charge on an on-going basis for active management of it when you could just re-balance it once or twice a year and get very similar results I would think. The main message would be make sure you do something as your kids will be about £1 million worse off later in life if you do nothing!"

Jon Seal

IMP is a really good option!

"If you have any questions about simple ways to invest for your kids' futures then IMP is a really good option! Clear, not jargony and advice you can act on in minutes."

Rachel Jones

What you need to do;

Watch a few videos

1 to 3 new accounts to open up.

1 hour of your time to get everything set up.

From £25 to £604 per month saving per child.

Maybe 1 hour per year to manage the accounts.

Once it's set up, you can mostly forget about it, happy in the knowledge you've taken steps to give your child the best gift a parent can give a child.

Not money. Not a car. Not a house. Not even a big retirement pot.

But the security of having funds behind them for whatever life throws their way.

Let time do the rest 

Who is this for?

This isn't the worlds most advanced investment strategy, instead it's all about getting you started and picking up the low hanging fruit so you actually begin investing for your childs' future. 

But you do need one of those. A child that is. 

You can set up an account for each mini person, but they will need a name and a date of birth. So if you're currently expecting, you won't be able to set up the accounts until the stork drops them off. 

You don't need to have any understanding of investing as I'll walk you through everything. However I would always suggest you sort your own finances and future out before looking at helping someone else - even your own spawn.

Buy this if...

  • You want to give your kids a head start financially
  • You don't want your offspring to work a job they hate just for the money
  • You don't want to buy your expecting friends and family the same naff baby shower present as everyone else
  • You want to win brownie points as the worlds best God-parent!
  • You need a guide to get you from thinking about it to actually having it set up and done within an hour

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