How to Invest for Children

Congrats, you’ve reproduced! Or, as is the case with me – I know people that have reproduced and who for some reason have decided to make me a Godparent. 

Either way, congrats! Not only have you got to try and keep another human alive, but if that wasn’t enough to think about, I’m going to come along and let you know why and how you can start investing for them too! 

Why Invest for them?

Why should you invest for these tiny humans? Well, because it’s pretty easy to do, and because they’ll not be touching the money for ages – it’s remarkably easy to generate a huge sum of money. 

There are three factors when it comes to investing that dictate how much money you’ll have. 

  • Time
  • Amount
  • Returns


Because little Tarquin / Krystal / Bob (depending on your preference), is somewhere between knee-high to a grasshopper up to a hormonal, argumentative teenager, then we have years, potentially decades to invest for their future. 

You could start investing now at age 0 for their retirement in 70 years time. There’s a calculator that shows you exactly what that would look like once we know the other two factors as well. 


Want to have a £1 million savings account in a year? Easy, just invest £83,334 a month into a savings account. 

The amount you can afford to invest for your child will make a huge difference to what it turns into in many years to come. Realistically you need to have £25 a month to start investing in the fun stuff. You can and should do it with less if that’s all you can afford, but you’ll struggle to build up to a huge sum over the long term on less than £25 a month. 


If you invest £1,000 and get a return of 0%, then it doesn’t matter if you invest that money for 4 minutes or 4 decades, it’ll still only be £1,000. 

If you invest £100 and get a return of 50% a year, then you only have to wait 5.5 years before it’s worth more than £1,000. 

The returns we can achieve will vary a lot, and there are no guarantees in life or investing. But we can tip the scales in our favour by investing in the right asset classes, and the right mix of asset classes, to give a good return over the long-term. 

It’s not a guarantee, but it’s using historic patterns to try and figure out what is the most likely thing to happen in the future. 

Is It Worth It?

Download the guide to see in a bit more detail what your investments could become and decide for yourself. 

But think of it another way. If someone had started investing on your behalf when you were first born, what would it have felt like to be told you can afford the deposit on your first home without using any of your own money? 

How would you feel if you knew you had hundreds of thousands, maybe millions built up in your pension already?

How cool would it be to hand your kid the keys to their first car, all fully paid for, as their present for passing their driving test?

These are all distinct possibilities if you get started sooner rather than later, investing for your mini human. 

If you’re keen to find out exactly how to do it, including what accounts to use, how to get money off the Government to do it, how to protect your kid from going crazy and spending all that money on a limited edition Pokemon, and how to do it all without spending more than 1 hour a year… then the Investing for Mini People Course might just be the thing you’re looking for. 

For the cost of a few awful baby outfits that will last 3 weeks, you could secure the financial future of your mini-you. Worth considering at least and checking out the course.

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