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I was a financial advisor and trader before going into property. I used the money from my investments to retire early, and now spend my time sharing what I've learnt.

My goal is to help others take control of their finances and get started investing.

I wrote a book, have a podcast, created some courses, and run masterclasses.

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What People Are Saying

Sarah Rowe

"I’m not scared to look at my statements anymore.

I feel much more confident I know what I need to do to reach my ideal lifestyle.

It has been easier to stay focused on longer term financial goals which means its easier to say no to spending money on unnecessary things."

Maria McHale

"The 3 biggest things I got from this was; clarity with where I am at, a good knowledge of what needs to happen next, a bit of confidence rather than fear about it all.

It's simple stuff but it's never been laid out in this clear way for me before. Very easy to tackle."

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