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Do you want to know how to invest your money wisely and make it work for you? Do you want to get a grip and secure your finances for troubled times or understand how to invest your money in todays’ uncertain times?

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I’m Not So Great With Money

Smart Guide To Finances

  • Balance your expenditure with your incomings.
  • Don’t be an in-debt dumbass (at least not bad debt)
  • Find somewhere to put it (your money of course)
  • Achieve adulting level 99; have an investment portfolio

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I’m Ready To Start Investing

Where To Invest £500 a Month

  • 4 different investment options at different price points
  • An overview of the risk models available
  • A starting point for investing
  • The foundations I started with when investing.
  • A quick insight into the asset classes available

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I was a financial advisor and trader before going into property. I used the money from my investments to retire early, and now spend my time sharing what I’ve learnt.

My goal is to help others take control of their finances and get started investing. I wrote a book, have a podcast, created some courses, and run masterminds. Originally from the Wirral, but now I live in [insert latest town here] York.

The EP Investor


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Sarah Rowe

It’s simple, clear and organised

Jono Poon

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