TMS001 Get Ready For The Money Shot

Host Damien Fogg kicks off episode one of Money Shot by letting you know what you can expect from this show. He talks about his background in finance, investing, properties, and gives a peek behind the curtain at what’s coming in the next episodes!

Covered in this episode

  • Who is this show for?

  • Who can go away

  • What will be covered and why

  • Who Damien is (and isn’t)

“You’re in control and you’re not living paycheck to paycheck”

“What we’re going to deal with in this podcast will give you a much better chance at having the future that you want and not one that’s dictated to you”

“The goal of this podcast is to educate”

“It’s much better to actually learn from other people’s mistakes”

“Money’s only really here for us to have fun with”