​Da fuq is ePIC group?

​A quick intro to the EPIC group and what's involved.

You know what your incomings and outgoings are. And your income exceeds the outgoings.

You've got an emergency fund stashed away for a rainy day. And it's invested in a safe, secure place.

You've got standing orders in place to put money into your investments. And you know what is going where, and why.

You're kind of EPIC aren't you? What's left to do?

Honestly, not a lot. Time should take care of you at this point. But what if you have some questions and need some help?

  • I've just received a lump sum, how should I invest it?
  • I'm coming up to rebalancing time and I'm not sure how best to do it.
  • I'm seeing a big movement in one of my investments, what does this mean?
  • I am ready to invest in another fund, which area would be best to look at?
  • What's your favourite sandwich? 
  • It's been several months, is what I'm doing still best for me? 
  • How do I assess whether what I've done has worked? 

These are some of the questions I've been asked by previous clients. People that have gone through either my Mastermind or have been 1-2-1 clients. 

​My aim is always to teach you enough to be self-sufficient. But sometimes it's nice to know you can fall back on someone else to ask questions.

Who is this for?

This is only for people who have worked with me before either in a Mastermind or as a 1-2-1 Client. 

​Why? Because I don't want loads of stupid questions that everyone else already knows the answer to. 

If you haven't done either a Mastermind with me, or been a 1-2-1 client, then the only way in is to email me and answer this simple question;

What is your exact asset allocation model and portfolio strategy?

If you have a good answer, you're in. If you don't, then time to apply for the Mastermind.​​

So how about;

• Bi-annual strategy review including portfolio rebalancing and asset allocation checking

• Quarterly assessment, accountability and progress calls

• Emergency call should anything unexpected crop up

• Monthly Q&A so you are never more than 4 weeks away from getting your specific questions answered


• Resources

^ This is what you get when you join the EP Investor Community (EPIC). 

Your investment portfolio should be fairly hands off at this stage. Your time is best spent earning more money so you can invest more each month. 

The investments you now make need to meet your risk profile and your goals, without taking daft risks. 

By becoming EPIC you and I will both keep an eye on your portfolio, and make small tweaks as and when required. Or major moves if circumstances call for it. 

This all sounds great... but I bet it costs a fortune 

An annual review with a financial advisor would cost around 2% of your assets with a minimum of £1,000. You'll be getting two of these a year, so that's £2,000. Throw in some calls throughout the year and you'd be looking at easily another £500. Then having access to personalised Q&A's each month, that's got to be worth £100 a month easily.

To build this up yourself with someone, you'd be looking at £3,700. If you were paying that much, you'd probably negotiate and I reckon you could get it down to £3,000 a year. 

Now as financial advisors can only really talk to you about the stock market and maybe bonds, they don't cover as many asset classes as me. Plus, there's a good chance they don't have much money themselves... do you want nutrition advice off someone morbidly obese? 

So I reckon there's a case for arguing I'm worth at least twice what a standard IFA is. 
£6,000 wouldn't be unreasonable for the decades of experience and the millions I've made and helped others make over the years. 

Or option 2, £95 a month. 

For only £95 per month, you'll get everything I banged on about above. That's an 81% per year saving on getting an inferior service from someone who is only allowed to talk to you about one or two asset classes.  

I've priced this to be a really easy decision for people who want some ongoing support with their investments. 

I'm limiting the number of people I let in, because I'm committing a big chunk of time over the year to each person. But I want to make sure you always get your questions answered each month if you have any. 

So sign up soon before I hit my first limit number and then stick the price up. :-) 

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