The EP Investor

Want To Get Started With Crypto Investing But Have No Idea What You're Doing?

Pay me and I’ll show you how I do it

Before we continue.. this is not going to make you millions. I am not going to show you which coin will 10x in the next month or two.

This is simply a guide of how to get started in a vaguely sensible way, and avoid the sharkiest of scam artists out there.

I got started with crypto in 2016 (and thought it was a massive scam), but over the last 5 years I’ve learnt how to take advantage of the volatility in the markets, and how ultimately pointless it is to try and guess what’ll happen next.

A few people have asked for a simple guide on how to get started, so I made one for you all.

You. Are. Welcome.

What’s going to be included:

– Get set up with the right accounts
– Make your first £65 completely risk free
– Learn how to buy your first crypto currency
– What’s in my portfolio
– How I increase my holdings without spending more money
– Which exchanges to use once you’re not a complete newb
– Where to do your research on new crypto

If I was trying to figure out how much to pay, I’d be thinking, “What is my likely return going to be?”

Remember there’s £65 available for the newbies, so if you’ve only got a small amount and want to test the water, is it not worth £35 to actually get started instead of just thinking about it? If you started last year, you’d have £450 profit by now, just off £150 invested.

If you’ve got more than £1k invested in crypto already?

I’ll share which coins I’m holding, and how I increase the number of coins I have, without adding in more money.


This is not financial advice. I’m not advising or recommending anyone invests in cryptocurrencies. They are hugely volatile, very high risk, and will almost certainly drop by 75%+ in value within the next few years.

But, let’s be honest, your FOMO has fully kicked in by now, and you’ve heard of bitcoin going from $1,000 to $60,000 and you don’t want to miss out anymore.

All I’m offering is to show you how to get started, and sharing what I personally do with my own crypto investments.

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