Alternative Investments

Alternative Investments: the fun and games Alternative investments can be classified as pretty much anything purchased with the intention of holding it for capital appreciation.  This could be as varied as cars, wine, figurines, playing cards, computers, currency, stamps, etc.  Should I Invest in Alternative Investments? I’ll assume we’re talking about the more mainstream alternative […]

Why Invest in Commodities

Why Invest in Commodities like Oil, Gold, Silver, etc. You can invest in commodities such as oil, gold, silver, copper, platinum, pork belly, orange juice, coffee. But why would you? There are different types of commodities; hard and soft. Hard commodities are natural resources while soft commodities are agricultural products.  From an investing perspective, most […]

How to Invest for Children

How to Invest for Children Congrats, you’ve reproduced! Or, as is the case with me – I know people that have reproduced and who for some reason have decided to make me a Godparent.  Either way, congrats! Not only have you got to try and keep another human alive, but if that wasn’t enough to […]

How to Manage Your Investment Portfolio

How to Manage Your Investment Portfolio When you’re investing, it makes sense to start off with a plan, but quite often we end up in a position of having some investments, but no plan. So I’m sometimes asked ‘how do I manage my investments?’ There isn’t enough scope to go into too much detail here, […]

11 Things You Need to be a Successful Trader

Successful Trading Tips  A lot of people like the idea of day trading. They have the vision of sitting on a laptop on a beach, or in front of a rank of monitors showing pretty graphs – and somehow deciphering all that to make thousands per day.  The reality is the vast majority of retail […]

A 10 Year Retirement Plan

Want to retire in 10-years? Here’s the plan There’s a big thing going on at the moment called F.I.R.E. Financial Independence Retire Early. For a lot of people that translates as wanting to retire in 10 years.  But it has different connotations for different people, so I thought I’d explain what it means to me […]

Help To Buy Options

Buying your first home can be really expensive, so here’s some very quick thoughts on the assistant programmes offered by the UK Government for helping you buy a home. Do I qualify for Help to Buy? I’ve no idea… Go find out yourself! You can go here to check out the eligibility requirements; your main […]