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Self Employed Guide To Financial Security

Simple Self-Employed Steps to Securing Some Spondolicks Financial Priorities – i.e. removing your head from your arse Nobody likes dealing with a shitty situation. Nobody likes dealing with a boring situation either. So imagine how few people like dealing with shitty, boring situations?! Welcome to the wonderful world of personal finance!  To be fair, everything else you do in […]

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Why you need to be your own financial adviser

The most important job you have, is being your own financial adviserYou’re one of my favourite people – cos you’re reading my stuff – but as much as I love you, I don’t care about your wealth as much as you do. Financial advisers or advisors, I never know the difference, are paid to help […]

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Helpful Finance Apps

I got a new phone the other day. It’s not an iPhone. I’m still sulking about when they changed the charging port and every compatible device I had became useless overnight. Assfaces. It’s a Samsung Galaxy S10+ if you wanted to know. I’m a fan so far. Anyway, I took the opportunity to do a bit of App […]

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