Should I Invest in Funds or Shares?

Should I Invest in Funds or Shares? When we invest, we want the best return possible. And people are often curious whether they should invest in funds or in specific shares of companies. There’s a follow up question then of whether to invest in funds as Investment Trusts, funds or ETF’s as well – but […]

How to Invest for Children

How to Invest for Children Congrats, you’ve reproduced! Or, as is the case with me – I know people that have reproduced and who for some reason have decided to make me a Godparent.  Either way, congrats! Not only have you got to try and keep another human alive, but if that wasn’t enough to […]

Compounding and Pound Cost Averaging

What is Pound Cost Averaging & How Does Compounding Work? Pound Cost Averaging is one of those things I talk about a lot. In fact most people in the investment world talk about it. But what exactly is pound cost averaging? Compounding, according to Einstein, is the 8th wonder of the world, but again, what […]

How To Budget & Reduce Expenses

How to Budget Like a Boss Budgeting is boring. And restrictive. And stops you from doing all the fun stuff you want to do, in the hope you live long enough to have a depressingly shit retirement.  Right? Or, option 2… it gives you the freedom to not have to worry about whether you can […]

How I’d Live On A Tight Budget

The Cheapest Way for Me to Live What if we didn’t work jobs we hated to buy things we don’t need to impress people we don’t like? What if instead, we spent next to nothing and worked much much less? Well, I’m going to explore what the minimum amount I could spend if I really […]

A 10 Year Retirement Plan

Want to retire in 10-years? Here’s the plan There’s a big thing going on at the moment called F.I.R.E. Financial Independence Retire Early. For a lot of people that translates as wanting to retire in 10 years.  But it has different connotations for different people, so I thought I’d explain what it means to me […]

How To Be Forever Broke Starter Pack

How and why people stay broke  So the way I decide on my blogs is usually to find questions that keep coming up in conversations I have with people. Sometimes it’s by observing behaviour over and over again. Otherwise, I’m just feeling like a bit of a troll.  Today I’m going to be looking at […]

Pay Off Debt or Save?

Should I Pay Off My Debt or Start Saving? In an ideal world, we’d have no debt and a ton of savings. But if life isn’t all sunshine and rainbows, then you might find yourself with some debt. In which case, the question I often get is – Is it worth having any savings if […]