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Which costs more – to buy or rent your home?

Should you Rent the place you live, or should you buy it? Rent or buy, buy or rent – which is best? We’ve been programmed to think the money you spend on rent is just thrown away each month. It’s dead money, a complete waste. All you’re doing is paying off someone else’s mortgage for them. But […]

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Hands On Property Investing

What are we covering?Today we’re going to look at how you can be a bit more involved and get started with hands on property investing.Who is this for?If you’ve got the time or inclination (or are just a cheapskate and don’t want to pay anyone else), then hands on property investing might be the way […]

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Hands Off Property Investing

What are we covering? I wanted to walk you through how it’s possible to follow a strategy of hands off property investing. There are lots of elements that make up investing, so we’ll see how it’s possible to minimise how much of your own time it takes to become a successful property investor. If you’re […]

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How To Build A Passive Income Property Portfolio

Ever wondered if it was possible to build a passive income portfolio by investing in property, without spending hours dealing with tenants or estate agents? How many properties do you need to retire on and achieve a 100% Passive Portfolio?This is a question the majority of investors will consider at some stage. Ideally it’s a […]

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