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How to Get Rich Investing in ChatGPT & AI

get rich investing chatGPT AI

This blog is for you if you’re wondering how to get rich investing in AI & ChatGPT. But heads up, you won’t. We can stretch the truth and say you could “invest” in your own education and start working in AI, but by just investing in it you’re unlikely to get rich anytime soon. Sorry. […]

Compounding and Pound Cost Averaging

Compounding and Pound Cost Averaging

What is Pound Cost Averaging & How Does Compounding Work? Compounding and Pound Cost Averaging is one of those things I talk about a lot. In fact most people in the investment world talk about it. But what exactly is pound cost averaging? Compounding, according to Einstein, is the 8th wonder of the world, but […]

11 Things You Need to be a Successful Trader

Successful Trading Tips

Successful Trading Tips  How can you avoid being part of the herd and instead become successful at trading? Well, if you follow these 11 successful trading tips, you stand a much better chance of turning trading into a consistently profitable activity.   A lot of people like the idea of day trading. They have the […]

How Much Profit Does a £1 Million Business Turnover?

Find out the reality of a £1 million turnover business including how much profit from a million pound business, the revenue and the reality

The Reality Of A £1 Million Business How Much Profit Does a £1 Million Business Turnover? If you’re curious, it’s probably because you’re trying to hit the goal yourself. Or you’re just nosey about how much someone else might be making. Either way, in this blog we’re going to explore the reality of a £1 […]

18-Year Property Cycle in 2023 – Scam or Real?

How to profit from the 18-Year Property Cycle in 2023 The 18-Year Property Cycle has received a lot of press since 2009 for apparently being able to predict house price movements. But is it a scam or is it actually real? Can we really know where we are in the property cycle and if so, […]

Hands Off Property Investing

Hands Off Property Investing

Hands-Off Property Investing When you reach a certain stage of investing, you will want to start diversifying your investment portfolio. One option is to invest in Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) from £25 per month. But buying your own investment property is a much more expensive purchase. Still, passive, hands-off property investing is the goal […]