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How to Bankrupt Celebrities

Bankrupt Celebrities are always entertaining… but what can we learn from them?There have been some high-profile cases of celebrities going bankrupt lately, so I wanted to have a look at how this can happen when someone earns so much money! It’s surprisingly common, and shockingly easy to avoid. So let’s get to some celebrity bashing! In […]

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18 Year Property Cycle in 2020 – Scam or Real?

How to profit from the 18 Year Property Cycle in 2020The 18 Year Property Cycle has received a lot of press since 2009 for apparently being able to predict house price movements. But is it a scam or is it actually real? Can we really know where we are in the property cycle and if […]

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Case Study 1.3 – 2 bed terrace

How I Funded the Purchase and the FutureOK, so far we’ve covered what I’m trying to achieve long term – passive income from a portfolio of no mortgaged houses. The strategy I use – buying £60k – £150k houses that rent for 7% yield. What I did in this case – £110k 2 bed end […]

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Case Study 1.2 – 2 bed terrace

Exactly What I’m Doing and How I Did ItWelcome back, glad you’re still with me. So last time we went over the overall goal I have within property and the strategy that I’m following. I shared with you the fact I am looking at building up a portfolio of property, without any mortgage debt on them, […]

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Case Study 1.1 – 2 bed terrace

What I’m doing and why I’m doing it….I wanted to share with you a live case study of a property I’m currently buying. This is current, provided you’re reading this around May / June 2017. Otherwise it’s a bit older, but whatever, you get my point.  http://theepinvestor.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/06/CS-1.1.mp4So I’m going to break this down into a few […]

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2017 UK Election

The Entrepreneur & Property Investors Guide to the 2017 UK ElectionWhat is each party saying and how will it impact us? ConservativesThe Conservatives haven’t exactly done Property investors any favours over the last few years. An increase in Stamp Duty Land Tax for additional properties has impacted all Investors and curbed some of the enthusiasm for […]

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