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Where Should I Invest My Money?

Finally ready to set up an ISA account? Keep asking yourself, and anyone around you “So now where should I invest my ISA?” Well, let’s have a looksie lou at a possible starter portfolio. First things first, this is not financial advice. You shouldn’t just blindly copy this portfolio without any consideration of whether it’s a good […]

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What Are ISAs and Which Do I Want?

CASH ISAWHATThis is just a savings account. You put in money (up to £20,000 per tax year), and you get a rate of interest back in return.The interest is paid to you tax free. Yay.Downside, the interest rates you’ll get are shite. Boo.Right now you’ll be getting around 1% per year.HOWYou can open these with […]

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Where to Invest for Buy To Let

Confused as to where to invest for your first, or next Buy to Let property? Keep hearing about “gold mine areas”? I’m gonna share my thoughts on where you should be investing next.When you’re considering where to invest, a lot of people talk about investing within a 60-90 minute area of your base. Great if […]

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18 Year Property Cycle in 2020 – Scam or Real?

How to profit from the 18 Year Property Cycle in 2020The 18 Year Property Cycle has received a lot of press since 2009 for apparently being able to predict house price movements. But is it a scam or is it actually real? Can we really know where we are in the property cycle and if […]

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