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How To Get Started Investing In Property

A lot of people want to invest in property. You know it’s a sensible thing to do over the long term, the returns are good, it will keep you fed when you retire, and it’s relatively passive – you can do this alongside a full time job… but how do you actually go about it? […]

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Accepting Crypto Payments

Should you accept payment in Bitcoin, and if so, how can you do it?Should you, and if you should, how can you accept Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies as a form of payment on your site? It’s not something that was even contemplated by most people even 12 months ago, but nowadays it’s a thing. So […]

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Why you should not be in the stock market

Should I Buy Shares in X Company?People often want to get my view on whether or not X, Y or Z company is a good one to buy into, and whether or not they should buy shares in them.  We’ve all heard the story from someone who bought shares in Apple or Facebook, etc. when it […]

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Why you need to be your own financial adviser

The most important job you have, is being your own financial adviserYou’re one of my favourite people – cos you’re reading my stuff – but as much as I love you, I don’t care about your wealth as much as you do. Financial advisers or advisors, I never know the difference, are paid to help […]

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Helpful Finance Apps

I got a new phone the other day. It’s not an iPhone. I’m still sulking about when they changed the charging port and every compatible device I had became useless overnight. Assfaces. It’s a Samsung Galaxy S10+ if you wanted to know. I’m a fan so far. Anyway, I took the opportunity to do a bit of App […]

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Do I Need Life Insurance

Not sure if you know this, but one day you’ll die. I hope it’s not for a very long time, and then it’s a really impressive way that you do finally go. But in life it’s one of the certainties we all have to deal with. And let’s face it, when you’re dead, you probably […]

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Do I Need Critical Illness Cover

Are you Wolverine and indestructible? If the answer is no, then there’s the chance that you’ll get some horrible little disease at some point in your life. If you do, then Critical Illness Cover could be a bit of a life saver, or at least a life make-easier… This article is part of a series where […]

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