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Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid Of Investing In The Stock Market

Should I Invest in the Stock Market?This question, if I’m being honest, doesn’t come up that often for me. Most of the people I chat to are already on board with the risks involved with investing and are comfortable with the risk to reward ratio. But it is sometimes a question or an attitude that you […]

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Pay Off Debt or Save?

Should I Pay Off My Debt or Start Saving?In an ideal world, we’d have no debt and a ton of savings. But if life isn’t all sunshine and rainbows, then you might find yourself with some debt. In which case, the question I often get is – Is it worth having any savings if I’ve […]

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How Much Money Do You Need To Save In Order To Retire

I posted about this on Facebook the other day, and got called a prick tease for it. Today is where I reveal a lil bit more, just to keep you interested.Well actually, today is when I just give you everything and hope you stick around afterwards for spooning.The question was… HOW MUCH MONEY DO YOU NEED […]

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Simple Self-Employed Steps to Securing Some Spondolicks

Financial Priorities – i.e. removing your head from your arseNobody likes dealing with a shitty situation. Nobody likes dealing with a boring situation either. So imagine how few people like dealing with shitty, boring situations?!Welcome to the wonderful world of personal finance! To be fair, everything else you do in business is entirely academic if you […]

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Don’t Be A Poor

Being a poor is bad, so in this blog I’m going to give 3 ways not to be one of those; I’m going to tell you whether to earn more or spend less, how not to be a cheapskate, and tell you to Get. The. Frig. Started. The first step to not being a poor is […]

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How To Start A Pension And Save For Your Future As A Freelancer

As if you don’t already have enough on your plate; writing work proposals, finishing the latest piece of work for that one demanding client, updating your website, getting some head shots done and trying to hide the fact you’re screaming on the inside.​Now you’re meant to think about how you’ll pay for food and wine […]

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Should I swap savings accounts for the best interest rate?

​It’s kind of an understood thing that savings rates don’t really pay much. But is it worthwhile swapping saving rates / accounts regularly to get the best possible rate? Let’s have a look and see. Should I bounce from Account to Account?Technically speaking, yes. It’s always better to get paid interest by the banks, and […]

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Help To Buy Options

Buying your first home can be really expensive, so here’s some very quick thoughts on the assistant programmes offered by the UK Government for helping you buy a home.Do I qualify for Help to Buy?I’ve no idea… Go find out yourself you lazy fuck. You can go here to check out the eligibility requirements;https://www.helptobuy.gov.uk/But your […]

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