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What you get: 

This affiliate program is a tiered program, so the more you sell, the more you earn! 

Tier 1:  0 - 5 sales will earn you 15% 

Tier 2:  6 - 20 sales will earn you 20%

Tier 3:  21+ sales will earn you 25% 

Affiliate payouts will be sent out monthly to the payment email entered at the time of registration. 

The Products

This video training is aimed at those who need to increase their knowledge and confidence so they can manage their own finances. 

The goal of MMYB is to increase your surplus income each month so you can start investing for a more secure future. 

Past clients have saved hundreds of pounds each month, while others have added thousands in additional income. 

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The Money Masterclass is the quickest and easiest way to avoid all the common, expensive mistakes new investors make.

The goal is to take someone from zero knowledge, through how to invest in all the asset classes, ending with a personalised investment portfolio that will last a lifetime. 

Anyone with surplus income who is ready to invest would benefit from the Masterclass, and with a 1-2-1 at the end, you know they'll be in good hands.

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