Who is

Damien Fogg?

Who is Damien Fogg?

Me in 10 seconds

I was a financial advisor and trader before going into property. I used the money from my investments to retire early, and now spend my time sharing what I've learnt.

My goal is to help others take control of their finances and get started investing.

I wrote a book, have a podcast, created some courses, and run masterclasses.

Originally from the Wirral, but now I live in [insert latest town here]

Want to know some random stuff about me?

A delightful insight into me

A delightful insight into me

Me in 10 seconds

I was a financial advisor and trader before going into property. I used the money from my investments to retire early, and now spend my time sharing what I've learnt.

My goal is to help others take control of their finances and get started investing.

If you're just getting started, then you can check out my book. Or if you're a podcast nerd, you can have a listen to me on my podcast.

If you're a bit further along, or want to shortcut some steps, then I've also created some courses that should help you out, but my all singing, all dancing awesomeness is kept for my masterclass.

Originally from the Wirral, but now I live in [insert latest town here] York.

Want to know some random stuff about me?

Me in Longer than 10 seconds

I'm a minimalist
I dislike clutter, despite having far too much of most things. Having packed up my life into two back packs in 2017 I've struggled to want to own things since then.

I like to own one really good (expensive usually) thing, rather than lots of rubbish ones. I prefer even more to not own anything. I'm bang up for the rented life, of just hiring what you need when you need it.

I'm an introvert
I can come across as quite social and extroverted, but I generally feel better alone or one to one. If I spend too much time with too many people, I like to hide away for a few days afterwards.

I'm quite shy really, so it takes a lot of energy and effort to talk to strangers. Which means I'm rubbish at hitting on women.

I'm friends with more women than men
This might be in part due to being so rubbish at hitting on women, I have a lot of female friends. I generally find men are too busy trying to establish where they are in the pecking order and trying to out 'alpha' each other.

It's tiring. And a game I can't be bothered playing. Women tend to be more open to real discussions about things that matter, without being self-conscious of if it makes them look weak or not.

I'm not a big fan of music
I just don't really get the point of it. I like music well enough. But I don't see where it fits in to my life. I can't work while listening to music. I get bored and feel like I should be doing something else if I just try and sit and listen to it. So I only ever listen to music when driving.

My general taste in music is either heavy metal or classical. I like pretty much everything. Hate jazz. I don't get it. It annoys me. Especially jazz versions of other songs. Stop ruining it!

I developed tinnitus when I was a few months old. It wasn't until I was about 28 that I realised not everyone had a permanent ringing in their head. So I'm a bit over sensitive when it comes to really loud music, which means concerts aren't my favourite.

I like making lists far too much
Every hobby I've had has involved making a long ass list of all the things I'd need to buy for it. Which may now be why I've flipped the other way and have gone minimalist.

Investing suits me as it's just a series of lists of what you want and what you've got.

I'm emotionally pretty even
I'm not one for high highs or low lows. I'm just generally doing alright. I'm optimistic and positive the majority of the time, and can see the good in everything and everyone.

I'm also pretty cynical though and my default position is to distrust someone and assume they are a terrible person until proven otherwise. My bar for being proven otherwise is pretty low though.

I like trees & animals more than most people
I have empathy for a lot of people and a lot of charities. But I figure, without any trees (and therefore oxygen), nothing else really matters. I donate around 20% of revenue to tree and wildlife charities.

My dream job when I can't be bothered with people or stress would be to plant trees somewhere. Of course, this only appeals if it's warm and sunny (but not too warm or too sunny).

I believe there are several rings to a person
There is the public persona we share with the world (the one on the rest of this website), the side of you you're willing to share with people you vaguely know (the 10 second introduction), the one you're willing to share with people closer to you (the 10 minute introduction), the one you share with your family and Top 5 (good luck getting in there), and then the real truth you only share with yourself.

The difference between Ring 5 and Ring 1 is often huge, and most people wouldn't recognise you if they heard about your inner truth.

I have limited emotional bandwidth
Symptom of being an introvert, but I'm not one of these people with tons of friends. I think you can have 5 friends only. These people change over time, and it's not that I stop liking them, just they no longer are in the Top 5.

My definition of a friend is someone you have no issues calling at any random hour and asking for a favour. I hope I'm in a few peoples Top 5.

I'd much rather be a really good friend to a small group, than an acquaintance to hundreds. I'll do pretty much anything for my friends, more than most are comfortable asking for.

I'm a romantic
I probably have unrealistic aspirations when it comes to a future partner, but I believed everything Disney taught us as kids. I am hopeful for the happily ever after when I find the right gal.

I'm also a romantic when it comes to business, and believe you can always find a win/win/win for everyone involved.

Sometimes I'm a bit more pragmatic and as a child of divorced parents, there's a touch of cynicism in there too. But I think the romantic wins out more often than not.

My biggest personal dislike about myself is procrastinating
I can get a lot done in a short amount of time, but usually that's because I've put off doing loads of things for ages. Often with no good reason for not doing them. Just can't be bothered.

It annoys me about myself, and I am constantly trying ways to manipulate myself into being a better version of me. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

I'm probably stronger than you
I'm naturally pretty strong, but I've also trained a lot for decades. As I'm getting older, I'm trying to not be attached to the self identity of someone that 'is strong'. It just means injury when I'm in the gym nowadays!

I love learning
I am a sucker for learning random things that have no purpose at all. The joy of learning is enough.

I'm particularly interested in; history, psychology, human behaviour, body language, physics, personal development.

I get lonely but I don't mind
As an entrepreneur, that lives alone, often in places where I don't know many people I find myself alone quite often. For the most part I don't mind it. I'm quite happy keeping myself to myself.

But I do still get lonely. I'm not a complete psychopath. But instead of desperately trying to fill the void with something / anything else, I think it's alright to just feel a bit sad and lonely every now and then.

I'd much rather be alone than with people I don't like or want to be with.

I like awkwardness
I find it amusing. Whether it's talking about something that makes people feel a bit uncomfortable, or hold on just a bit too long during that cuddle... it's funny. I like to see how people react. Which might explain why this is my 'About Page'.

I won't be answering them. This is just me. Or at least the part of me I'm willing to share with strangers on the internet.