Want To Take All The Fear Out Of Your Personal Finance In Only 21 Days?

One Practical action step you can take every day that will see you controlling your money like an absolute boss. No fear, no overwhelm. Just easy actionable advice you can put into action immediately. 

Are you the kind of person that needs a bit of a push? Either a friendly or a mean one....

21 Days to Dominate your Finances is a simple, 3 week email programme that will get you from knowing nada to managing your financial situation like a boss. 
If you sometimes find yourself running out of money before you run out of month, and need some accountability, this is the one for you. 

"Wait, so this is what I've been so afraid to look at for so long?! It's far less scary the way you explain everything. My bank account thanks you!"

What You'll Gain?! 
How To Manage Your Finances Confidently

Sounds boring I know, but I'm going to say understanding and managing your finances is a critical life skill. Crucial for reducing stress and allowing you to live your best life.  

Why You Need It

Let's figure out your motivation for taking control of your finances, and make sure you have a plan to do the work. 

What You Need

The short list of things you need in order to know exactly where you are, and where you want to be.

How to Actually Do It

This ain't just hypothetical. We'll look at exactly HOW to do it, and I'll walk you through every step.

Simplest Way of Achieving It

Life's too short to spend too long on this, so I'll give you the apps, software and spreadsheets you need to simplify it all.

Where You'll End Up

You can come up with your own specific plan that will show you exactly what needs to be done, and when.

... Enjoyed Looking At My Finances...

"I just wanted to say thanks for the email course. I have really enjoyed looking at my finances with new eyes :) I’m in a pretty good place with my money for the life I currently lead but now have an idea of what I need to plan to move up a few steps. "

Rachel Jones

Very easy to tackle! 

​"The 3 biggest things I got from this was; clarity with where I am at, a good knowledge of what needs to happen next, a bit of confidence rather than fear about it all.

It's simple stuff but it's never been laid out in this clear way for me before. Very easy to tackle."

Maria McHale

This is for you if...

  • You want / need to feel in control of your finances 
  • You get nervous looking at your bank statements 
  • You want the peace of mind you're saving and investing for your families future  
  • You know it's time to start being more of an adult about this, but not sure how

Who's Teaching This Course?

I’m Damien Fogg, an investor, entrepreneur, mortgage adviser, Chartered Surveyor, day trader, property developer, landlord, entrepreneur... and former financial adviser.

I grew up a little bit obsessed about money and finances. I was the kid reading the back fo the Sunday Times at the Appointments section to see what jobs paid the most.

But most importantly, I've managed my personal finances in a way that let me retire at 32.

Over the period of about 12 years, I saved and invested, and got into the position where I never have to work another day if I don't want to. (Turns out doing nothing is boring though).

A daily kick up the arse to sort my money was needed 

​"I’m not scared to look at my statements anymore.

I feel much more confident I know what I need to do to reach my ideal lifestyle.

It has been easier to stay focused on longer term financial goals which means its easier to say no to spending money on unnecessary things."

Sarah Rowe

Keep it short, hey Jono?

​"It's simple, clear and organised."

Jono Poon

Try it Out 100% Risk-FREE for 21 DAYS!

It's 21 Days worth of content. If after all 21 Days you still think it's a crock of rubbish and won't save or earn you any extra money... then you haven't actually done any of the work. 

But that's fine. You're clearly lazy, so screw it, email me and tell me you want your money back. Admit you couldn't be bothered taking any action, and I'll refund you in full.  


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

How do I get the content?

But I can't afford £46.20

Why is it priced at £46.20?

Have you run out of FAQ's already?

Get instant access to the 21 Days to Dominate Your Finances now!

You're moments away from starting the simplest way of leveling up your financial adulting skills. Everyone can benefit from following these simple steps daily for only 21 days. 

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