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"I’ve just done my quarterly finances check and thought it only right to let you know it’s looking peachy.
I researched a load and bought into 3 that looked best by the parameters you set and one wildcard (no prizes for guessing which one that is). As of today they have performed as follows;
Fund 1. +21.82%
Fund 2.+18.86%
Fund 3.+11.63%
Fund 4.-0.35%
They’re doing far better than the individual shares I’ve previously bought and I don’t have to check on them daily to avoid missing out on spikes / going bankrupt!"

Richard Bridge


"Doing this made me really look at things. It's not so scary after all. My focus is to clear silly things off and get my savings back up.  

I had buried my head in the sand for ages, your friendly approach and the fact you made it less scary... you didn't make me feel overwhelmed at all. 

I still have more to implement, but from what I've already done I'm £265 per month better off. "

Lisa Wallace

Somewhere in Scotland

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